content library item downloadsession file: info

The info structure defines the downloaded file.


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Name Type Description
name string The name of the file.

bytes_transferred long The number of bytes that have been transferred by the server so far for making this file prepared for download. This value may stay at zero till the client starts downloading the file.

status string The preparation status (UNPREPARED, PREPARE_REQUESTED, PREPARING, PREPARED, ERROR) of the file.

Defines the state of the file in preparation for download. Value is one of:
UNPREPARED: The file hasn't been requested for preparation.
PREPARE_REQUESTED: A prepare has been requested, however the server hasn't started the preparation yet.
PREPARING: A prepare has been requested and the file is in the process of being prepared.
PREPARED: Prepare succeeded. The file is ready for download.
ERROR: Prepare failed.

size long The file size, in bytes.

Optional. This field may not be available immediately. It is guaranteed to be set when the client finishes downloading the file.

download_endpoint transfer_endpoint Endpoint at which the file is available for download. The value is valid only when the is PREPARED.

Optional. This field won't be set until the file status is PREPARED.

checksum_info checksum_info The checksum information of the file. When the download is complete, you can retrieve the checksum from the get operation to verify the checksum for the downloaded file.

Optional. The checksum is always calculated for the downloaded file, but this field won't be set until the download is complete.

error_message localizable_message Error message for a failed preparation when the prepare status is ERROR.

Optional. This field won't be set unless there was an error with the file transfer.