appliance techpreview system update: update struct set

update_struct_set structure Structure to set url update repository.


    "password""secret string",
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<ns0:UpdateStructSet xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <password>secret string</password>


Name Type Description
current_URL string Current appliance update repository URL. Enter "default" to reset the url to the default url.

check_updates string Check for update at the pre-configured repository URL.

Defines state for automatic update notification Value is one of:
disabled: Automatic update notification is disabled. Disable periodically query the configured url for updates.
enabled: Automatic update notification is enabled. Enable periodically query the configured url for updates.

time string time to query for updates Format: HH:MM:SS Military (24 hour) Time Format

day string day to query for updates

Defines days to query for updates Value is one of:
Monday: query for updates on Monday
Tuesday: query for updates on Tuesday
Friday: query for updates on Friday
Wednesday: query for updates on Wednesday
Thursday: query for updates on Thursday
Saturday: query for updates on Saturday
Sunday: query for updates on Sunday
Everyday: query for updates everyday

username string username for the url update repository

password secret password for the url update repository