appliance techpreview monitoring snmp: SNMP remote user

SNMP_remote_user structure Structure that defines a user at particular remote SNMPv3 entity needed when using informs. auth_key and priv_key contained localized keys as defined in


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<ns0:SNMPRemoteUser xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsi="">


Name Type Description
username string SNMP Username

sec_level string SNMP security level

Defines SNMP decurity levels Value is one of:
none: none
auth: auth
priv: priv

authentication string SNMP authorization protocol

Defines SNMP authentication protocols Value is one of:
none: NONE
MD5: MD5

auth_key string SNMP authorization key

privacy string SNMP privacy protocol

Defines SNMP privacy protocols Value is one of:
AES128: AES128
none: NONE

priv_key string SNMP privacy key

engineid string SNMP v3 engine id