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user_config_get structure Structure defines a user configuration for user.get API.


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<ns0:UserConfigGet xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsi="">


Name Type Description
username string User login name

role string User roles

Defines user roles for appliance Value is one of:
admin: Able to configure the appliance.
operator: Able to read the appliance configuration.
superAdmin: Able to configure the appliance, manage local accounts and use the BASH shell

fullname string User full name

status string Shows whether the user account is enabled or disabled.

Defines status of user accounts Value is one of:
disabled: The user account is disabled.
enabled: The user account is enabled.

passwordstatus string Shows whether the user account is still valid or expired.

Defines state of user password Value is one of:
notset: No password has been set
expired: The password has expired.
valid: The password is still valid.

email string Email address of the local account.