appliance techpreview networking ipv4: I pv4 config read only

I_pv4_config_read_only structure Structure that defines the IPv4 configuration state of a network interface.


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<ns0:IPv4ConfigReadOnly xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsi="">


Name Type Description
interface_name string Interface name, for example, "nic0", "nic1".

mode string Address assignment mode.

Defines different ipv4 modes Value is one of:
dhcp: IPv4 address is automatically assigned by a DHCP server.
is_static: IPv4 address is static.
unconfigured: The IPv4 protocol is not configured.

address string IPv4 address, for example, "". Set this argument to an empty string "", if the mode is "unconfigured" or "dhcp".

prefix long IPv4 CIDR prefix, for example , 24. See for netmask-to-prefix conversion. Set this argument to 0 if the mode is "unconfigured" or "dhcp".

default_gateway string IPv4 address of the default gateway. This default gateway value is used if the mode argument is set to "static" This configures the global default gateway on the appliance with the specified gateway address and interface. This gateway replaces the existing default gateway configured on the appliance. However, if the gateway address is link-local, then it is added for that interface. This does not support configuration of multiple global default gateways through different interfaces.

updateable boolean This indicates if the network configuration can be updated for the interface.