appliance recovery restore: restore request

restore_request structure Structure representing requested restore piece


    "backup_password""secret string",
    "location_password""secret string",
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<ns0:RestoreRequest xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <location_password>secret string</location_password>
  <backup_password>secret string</backup_password>


Name Type Description
location_type string a type of location

Defines type of all locations for backup/restore Value is one of:
FTPS: Destination is FTPS server
HTTP: Destination is HTTP server
SCP: Destination is SSH server
HTTPS: Destination is HTTPS server
FTP: Destination is FTP server

location string path or url

backup_password secret a password for a backup piece

Optional. backupPassword If no password then the piece will not be decrypted.

location_user string username for location

Optional. locationUser User name for this location if login is required.

location_password secret password for location

Optional. locationPassword Password for the specified user if login is required at this location.