vcenter vm power: get

Returns the power state information of a virtual machine.


HTTP request

GET https://{server}/rest/vcenter/vm/{vm}/power

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
vm string Virtual machine identifier.


HTTP Status Code: 200



Response Type:

Name Type Description
bold = required
value info Power state information for the specified virtual machine.
value.state string Power state of the virtual machine.

Defines the valid power states for a virtual machine. Value is one of:
POWERED_OFF: The virtual machine is powered off.
POWERED_ON: The virtual machine is powered on.
SUSPENDED: The virtual machine is suspended.

value.clean_power_off boolean Flag indicating whether the virtual machine was powered off cleanly. This field may be used to detect that the virtual machine crashed unexpectedly and should be restarted.

Optional. It is only relevant when state has value POWERED_OFF. This field is optional and it is only relevant when the value of state is POWERED_OFF.


HTTP Status Code Type Description
500 error if the system reports an error while responding to the request.
404 not_found if the virtual machine is not found.
400 resource_inaccessible if the virtual machine's configuration or execution state cannot be accessed.
503 service_unavailable if the system is unable to communicate with a service to complete the request.
401 unauthenticated if the user can not be authenticated.
403 unauthorized if the user doesn't have the required privileges.