content subscribed library: sync

Forces the synchronization of the subscribed library.

Synchronizing a subscribed library forcefully with this operation will perform the same synchronization behavior as would run periodically for the library. The content.library.subscription_info.on_demand setting is respected. Calling this operation on a library that is already in the process of synchronizing will have no effect.


HTTP request

POST https://{server}/rest/com/vmware/content/subscribed-library/id:{library_id}?~action=sync

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
library_id string Identifier of the subscribed library to synchronize.


HTTP Status Code: 200



HTTP Status Code Type Description
404 not_found if the library specified by library_id does not exist.
400 invalid_element_type if the library specified by library_id is not a subscribed library.
400 not_allowed_in_current_state if the content of the library specified by library_id has been deleted from the storage backings (see content.library_model.storage_backings) associated with it.

For instance, this {@term error) is reported on synchronizing a subscribed library that was restored from backup, and the library was deleted after the backup was taken, thus resulting in its content being deleted from the associated storage backings. In this scenario, the metadata of the library is present on a restore, while its content has been deleted.

400 invalid_argument if some parameter in the subscribed library subscription info is invalid.
400 resource_inaccessible if the published library cannot be contacted or found.