vcenter vm hardware parallel: disconnect

Disconnects a virtual parallel port of a powered-on virtual machine from its backing. The virtual device is still present and its backing configuration is unchanged, but from the perspective of the guest operating system, the parallel port is not connected to its backing.

For a powered-off virtual machine, the update operation may be used to configure the virtual parallel port to start in the disconnected state when the virtual machine is powered on.


HTTP request

POST https://{server}/rest/vcenter/vm/{vm}/hardware/parallel/{port}/disconnect

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
vm string Virtual machine identifier.
port string Virtual parallel port identifier.


HTTP Status Code: 200



HTTP Status Code Type Description
500 error if the system reports an error while responding to the request.
404 not_found if the virtual machine or virtual parallel port is not found.
400 already_in_desired_state if the virtual parallel port is already disconnected.
400 not_allowed_in_current_state if the virtual machine is not powered on.
400 resource_busy if the virtual machine is busy performing another operation.
400 resource_inaccessible if the virtual machine's configuration state cannot be accessed.
503 service_unavailable if the system is unable to communicate with a service to complete the request.
401 unauthenticated if the user can not be authenticated.
403 unauthorized if the user doesn't have the required privileges.