content library item update session: cancel

Cancels the update session and deletes it. This operation will free up any temporary resources currently associated with the session.

This operation is not allowed if the session has been already completed.

Cancelling an update session will cancel any in progress transfers (either uploaded by the client or pulled by the server). Any content that has been already received will be scheduled for deletion.


HTTP request

POST https://{server}/rest/com/vmware/content/library/item/update-session/id:{update_session_id}?~action=cancel

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
update_session_id string Identifier of the update session that should be canceled.


HTTP Status Code: 200



HTTP Status Code Type Description
404 not_found if no update session with the given identifier exists.
400 not_allowed_in_current_state if the update session is not in the ACTIVE state.