content library item: delete

Deletes a library item.

This operation will immediately remove the item from the library that owns it. The content of the item will be asynchronously removed from the storage backings. The content deletion can be tracked with a task. In the event that the task fails, an administrator may need to manually remove the files from the storage backing.

This operation cannot be used to delete a library item that is a member of a subscribed library. Removing an item from a subscribed library requires deleting the item from the original published local library and syncing the subscribed library.


HTTP request

DELETE https://{server}/rest/com/vmware/content/library/item/id:{library_item_id}

Path Parameters

Name Type Description
library_item_id string Identifier of the library item to delete.


HTTP Status Code: 200



HTTP Status Code Type Description
400 invalid_element_type if the library item with the given library_item_id is a member of a subscribed library.
404 not_found if the library item with the specified library_item_id does not exist.