Data Object - DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnection(vim.dvs.PortConnection)

Property of
HostVirtualNicConnection, HostVirtualNicSpec, VirtualEthernetCardDistributedVirtualPortBackingInfo, VnicPortArgument
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnection data object represents a connection or association between a DistributedVirtualPortgroup or a DistributedVirtualPort and one of the following entities:


Name Type Description

Cookie that represents this DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnection instance for the port. The cookie value is generated by the Server. The Server ignores any value set by an SDK client.

The same cookie is present in the distributed virtual port configuration (DistributedVirtualPort.connectionCookie) so that the Server can verify that the entity is the rightful connectee of the port.


Key of the portgroup. If specified, the connection object represents a connection or an association between a DistributedVirtualPortgroup and a Virtual NIC or physical NIC. In this case, setting the portKey is not necessary for a early-binding portgroup and is not allowed for a late-binding portgroup. The portKey property will be populated by the implementation at the time of port binding.

Key of the port. If specified, this object represents a connection or an association between an individual DistributedVirtualPort and a Virtual NIC or physical NIC. See portgroupKey for more information on populating this property.

UUID of the switch (DistributedVirtualSwitch.uuid).
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