Data Object - HostVirtualNicConnection(

Property of
HostDnsConfigSpec, HostIpRouteConfigSpec, HostVirtualNicManagerNicTypeSelection
See also
DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnection, HostVirtualNicOpaqueNetworkSpec
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

DataObject which provides a level of indirection when identifying VirtualNics during configuration. This dataObject lets users specify a VirtualNic in terms of the portgroup/Dv Port the Virtual NIC is connected to. This is useful in cases where VirtualNic will be created as part of a configuration operation and the created VirtualNic is referred to in some other part of configuration. e.g: for configuring VMotion


Name Type Description

Identifier for the DistributedVirtualPort. If the virtual nic is to be connected to a DVS, #dvPort will be set instead of #portgroup

Identifier for the opaqueNetworkSpec virtual nic connected to. If the virtual nic is to be connected to a logicSwitch, #opNetwork will be set instead of #portgroup and #dvPort

Since vSphere API 6.7

Name of the portgroup to which the virtual nic is connected to. If this parameter is set, use a virtual nic connected to a legacy portgroup.
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