Data Object - LatencySensitivity(vim.LatencySensitivity)

Property of
VirtualMachineConfigInfo, VirtualMachineConfigSpec
See also
vSphere API 5.1

Data Object Description

Specification of the latency-sensitivity information.

The latency-sensitivity is used to request from the kernel a constraint on the scheduling delay of the virtual CPUs or other resources. This allows latency-sensitive applications(e.g. VOIP, audio/video streaming, etc.) to run in a virtual machine which is configured to use specific scheduling latencies and to be scheduled with low latency.

The kernel does not provide any guarantee that it will meet the latency-sensitivity requirement of a virtual machine CPU or other resources but it will always accept the latency-sensitivity value provided.


Name Type Description

The nominal latency-sensitive level of the application.
sensitivity*xsd:intDeprecated. As of vSphere version 5.5, this field is deprecated.

The custom absolute latency-sensitivity value of the application. This value will be used only when the latency-sensitivity level property is is set to custom. It is ignored in all other cases.

The unit of this value is micro-seconds and the application is more latency sensitive when this value is smaller. For example, if the absolute latency-sensitivity is 2000us, the kernel will try to schedule the virtual machine in a way so that its scheduling latency is not more than 2ms.

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