Enum - LatencySensitivitySensitivityLevel(vim.LatencySensitivity.SensitivityLevel)

Property of
vSphere API 5.1

Enum Description

Enumeration of the nominal latency-sensitive values which can be used to specify the latency-sensitivity level of the application.

In terms of latency-sensitivity the values relate: high>medium>normal>low.

Enum Constants

custom deprecated as of vSphere API Ver 6.0. Value will be ignored and treated as "normal" latency sensitivity. The custom absolute latency-sensitivity specified in sensitivity property is used to define the latency-sensitivity.

When this value is set to level the sensitivity property should be set also.

high The relative latency-sensitivity high value.
low The relative latency-sensitivity low value.
medium The relative latency-sensitivity medium value.
normal The relative latency-sensitivity normal value.

This is the default latency-sensitivity value.

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