content library item updatesession file: add spec

The add_spec structure describes the properties of the file to be uploaded.




Name Type Description
name string The name of the file being uploaded.

source_type string The source type (NONE, PUSH, PULL) from which the file content will be retrieved.

Defines how the file content is retrieved. Value is one of:
NONE: No source type has been requested.
PUSH: The client is uploading content using HTTP(S) PUT requests.
PULL: The server is pulling content from a URL. The URL scheme can be http, https, file, or ds.

source_endpoint transfer_endpoint Location from which the Content Library Service will fetch the file, rather than requiring a client to upload the file.

Optional. It is only relevant when source_type has value PULL. This field is optional and it is only relevant when the value of source_type is PULL.

size long The file size, in bytes.

Optional. If specified the server will verify it received the correct size.

checksum_info checksum_info The checksum of the file. If specified, the server will verify the checksum once the file is received. If there is a mismatch, the upload will fail.

Optional. If not specified the server does not verify the checksum.