Data Object - VirtualMachineInstantCloneSpec(vim.vm.InstantCloneSpec)

Parameter to
CheckInstantClone_Task, InstantClone_Task
See also
OptionValue, VirtualMachineRelocateSpec
vSphere API 6.7

Data Object Description

Specification for creating an Instant Clone of a powered-on virtual machine.


Name Type Description

128-bit SMBIOS UUID of a virtual machine represented as a hexadecimal string in "12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-123456789abc" format.

A list of key value pairs that will be passed to the destination VM. These pairs should be used to provide user-defined customization to differentiate the destination VM from the source VM. Values will be queryable via destination VM's extraConfig.

A type of VirtualMachineRelocateSpec that specifies the location of resources the newly created virtual machine will use. The location might be empty or specify:
  • The folder where the virtual machine should be located. If not specified, the root VM folder of the source VM will be used.
  • A datastore where the InstantCloned virtual machine will be located on the physical storage.
  • A resource pool determines where compute resources will be available to the clone.
  • A device change specification. The only allowed device changes are edits of VirtualEthernetCard and filebacked Serial/Parallel ports.
All other settings are NOT supported.

The name of the cloned virtual machine.
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