Data Object - OptionValue(vim.option.OptionValue)

Property of
ClusterDasConfigInfo, ClusterDpmConfigInfo, ClusterDrsConfigInfo, HostConfigInfo, HostConfigSpec, HostOpaqueNetworkInfo, HostOpaqueSwitch, OpaqueNetwork, OptionManager, StorageDrsOptionSpec, StorageDrsPodConfigInfo, VirtualMachineConfigInfo, VirtualMachineConfigSpec, VirtualMachineInstantCloneSpec
Parameter to
ClusterEnterMaintenanceMode, PowerOnMultiVM_Task, UpdateOptions
Returned by
QueryOptions, VsanHostQueryAdvCfg
Extended by

Data Object Description

Describes the key/value pair of a configured option.


Name Type Description

The name of the option using dot notation to reflect the option's position in a hierarchy. For example, you might have an option called "Ethernet" and another option that is a child of that called "Connection". In this case, the key for the latter could be defined as "Ethernet.Connection"

The value of the option. The Any data object type enables you to define any value for the option. Typically, however, the value of an option is of type String or Integer.
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