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VsanHostDiskMapInfo, VsanHostDiskMapping
vSphere API 5.5

Data Object Description

Host-local VSAN storage configuration. This data object is used both for specifying and retrieving storage configuration for a host participating in the VSAN service.


Name Type Description
autoClaimStorage*xsd:booleanDeprecated. as this configuration will be deprecated, autoclaim will be no longer supported

Whether the VSAN service is configured to automatically claim local unused storage on this host. When set, the VSAN service will automatically format and use local disks. Side effects from any disk consumption will be reflected in diskMapping. If this argument is specified as a host-level configuration input at the VC-level (see vsanHostConfig), it will override that of any cluster-level default value.
See diskMapping
See vsanHostConfig
See defaultConfig

checksumEnabled*xsd:booleanDeprecated. This attribute was originally used for indicating whether hardware checksums is supported on the disks. But in vSphere 2016 hardware checksums are replaced with software implementation, supported by all disks. This makes current field redundant, and its value as an input/output is ignored.

Whether checksum is enabled on all the disks in this host. If any disk is not checksum capable or 520 bps formatted, we will skip it.

Since vSphere API 6.0

List of VsanHostDiskMapping entries with runtime information from the perspective of this host.

Since vSphere API 6.0
diskMapping*VsanHostDiskMapping[]Deprecated. use diskMapInfo instead.

List of VsanHostDiskMapping entries in use by the VSAN service. DiskMappings to be used by the VSAN service may be manually specified using[]).
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