Data Object - VirtualUSBUSBBackingInfo(vim.vm.device.VirtualUSB.USBBackingInfo)

VI API 2.5

Data Object Description

The VirtualUSBUSBBackingInfo data object identifies a USB device on the host where the virtual machine is located. This type of backing supports only a local connection where the virtual machine will remain on the host to which the USB device is attached.

To identify the USB device, you specify an autoconnect pattern for the deviceName. The virtual machine can connect to the USB device if the ESX server can find a USB device described by the autoconnect pattern. The autoconnect pattern consists of name:value pairs. You can use any combination of the following fields.

For example, the following pattern identifies a USB device:

    "path:1/3/0 hostId:44\ 45\ 4c\ 43\ 00\ 10\ 54-80\ 35\ ca\ c0\ 4f\ 4d\ 37\ 31"

This pattern identifies the USB device connected to port 1/3/0 on the host with the unique id 0x44454c4c430010548035cac04f4d3731.

Special characters for autoconnect pattern values:


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deviceName, useAutoDetect
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