Data Object - FaultToleranceSecondaryOpResult(vim.vm.FaultToleranceSecondaryOpResult)

Returned by
CreateSecondaryVM_Task, CreateSecondaryVMEx_Task, EnableSecondaryVM_Task
See also
ClusterPowerOnVmResult, VirtualMachine
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

FaultToleranceSecondaryOpResult is a data object that reports on the outcome of the CreateSecondaryVM_Task or EnableSecondaryVM_Task operation.


Name Type Description

Whether an attempt was made to power on the secondary. If an attempt was made, powerOnResult will report the status of this attempt.

The powerOnResult property reports the outcome of powering on the Secondary VirtualMachine if a power on was required. A power on will be attempted if the Primary Virtual Machine is powered on when the operation is performed. This object is only reported if powerOnAttempted is true. If the outcome of the power-on attempt is not successful, the returned ClusterPowerOnVmResult object will include an instance of ClusterNotAttemptedVmInfo whereas if the attempt was successful, then an instance of ClusterAttemptedVmInfo is returned. When ClusterAttemptedVmInfo is returned, its task property is only set if the cluster is a HA-only cluster.
to a VirtualMachine

The Secondary VirtualMachine
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