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VI API 2.5

Data Object Description

Base class for numeric sensor information.


Name Type Description

The base units in which the sensor reading is specified. If rateUnits is set the units of the current reading is further qualified by the rateUnits. Otherwise the value returned is 'unspecified'.
See rateUnits


The current reading of the element indicated by the sensor. The actual sensor reading is obtained by multiplying the current reading by the scale factor.

The health state of the of the element indicated by the sensor. This property is populated only for sensors that support threshold settings and for discrete sensors using control file.
See HostNumericSensorHealthState


A unique sensor identifier. A four part value consisting of: BMC device.Entity ID.Instance.SensorNumber Can be used to match a NumericSensorInfo object to esxcli hardware ipmi sdr list

Since vSphere API 6.5

The name of the physical element associated with the sensor It consists of a string of the form: "description --- state/identifer".

The rate units in which the sensor reading is specified. For example if the baseUnits is Volts and the rateUnits is per second the value returned by the sensor are in Volts/second. If no rate applies the value returned is 'none'.

The type of the sensor. If the sensor type is set to Other the sensor name can be used to further identify the type of sensor. The sensor units can also be used to further implicitly determine the type of the sensor.
See HostNumericSensorType


Reports the ISO 8601 Timestamp when this sensor was last updated by management controller if the this sensor is capable of tracking when it was last updated.

Since vSphere API 6.5

The unit multiplier for the values returned by the sensor. All values returned by the sensor are current reading * 10 raised to the power of the UnitModifier. If no unitModifier applies the value returned is 0.
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