Data Object - DvsTrafficFilterConfigSpec(vim.dvs.DistributedVirtualPort.TrafficFilterConfigSpec)

vSphere API 5.5

Data Object Description

The specification to reconfigure Traffic Filter. This specification allows the user to do fine-grained updates for the Traffic Filter in the port settings. If the operation is remove, only the TrafficFilterConfigSpec#key needs to be specified. If other fields are specified, they will be ignored. We cannot remove an inherited element. Only when the inherited flag is set to false and parent does not have an element with same key this operation succeeds. If the operation is add, then TrafficFilterConfigSpec#key should not be specified and other fields need to be specified. The inherited flag should be set to false. If the operation is edit, then TrafficFilterConfigSpec#key needs be specified and specify the other properties that need modification. If the inherited flag is set to true, a TrafficFilterConfig object of same key must exist at the parent's level. The property values in the spec object will be ignored and use the values from the parent's TrafficFilterConfig object instead. If inherited flag is set to false, then the new modifications will be applied.


Name Type Description

Operation type. See ConfigSpecOperation for valid values.
Properties inherited from DvsTrafficFilterConfig
Properties inherited from DvsFilterConfig
agentName, key, onFailure, parameters, slotNumber
Properties inherited from InheritablePolicy
Properties inherited from DynamicData

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