Data Object - InheritablePolicy(vim.InheritablePolicy)

Extended by
BoolPolicy, DVSFailureCriteria, DvsFilterConfig, DvsFilterPolicy, DVSMacLearningPolicy, DVSMacManagementPolicy, DVSSecurityPolicy, DVSTrafficShapingPolicy, DVSVendorSpecificConfig, IntPolicy, LongPolicy, StringPolicy, VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitchVlanSpec, VMwareUplinkLacpPolicy, VMwareUplinkPortOrderPolicy, VmwareUplinkPortTeamingPolicy
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The base class for any type of setting or configuration that may get a inherited value.

When used in a reconfgure operation specification, if inherited is true, it specifies the intention to change the values of subclass's properties to the inhertied values from the level above. In this case, users don't need to specify the values and any set property in the subclass will be ignored. if inherited is false, it specifies the intension to explicitly set subclass's properties to user specified values. Users should set the properties in the subclass with the desired values.

When used in a configuration information object, The values of the properties in the subclass are the effective values. if inherited is true, the object is getting the effective values from upper level. If false, the values are explicitly set by a user.


Name Type Description

Whether the configuration is set to inherited value.
Properties inherited from DynamicData

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