Data Object - ClusterFailoverResourcesAdmissionControlPolicy(vim.cluster.FailoverResourcesAdmissionControlPolicy)

vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The ClusterFailoverResourcesAdmissionControlPolicy reserves a specified percentage of aggregate cluster resources for failover. With the resources failover policy in place, vSphere HA uses the following calculations to control virtual machine migration in the cluster.
  1. Calculate the total resource requirements for all powered-on virtual machines in the cluster.
  2. Calculate the total host resources available for virtual machines.
  3. Calculate the Current CPU failover capacity and current memory failover capacity for the cluster.
  4. Compare the current CPU failover capacity and current memory failover capacity with the configured resource percentages (cpuFailoverResourcesPercent and memoryFailoverResourcesPercent). If either current capacity is less than the corresponding configured capacity, HA does not allow the operation.

HA uses the actual reservations of the virtual machines. If a virtual machine does not have reservations, meaning that the reservation is 0, a default of 0MB memory and 256MHz CPU is applied. This is controlled by the same HA advanced options used for the failover level policy (ClusterFailoverLevelAdmissionControlPolicy).


Name Type Description

Flag to enable user input values for cpuFailoverResourcesPercent and memoryFailoverResourcesPercent By default, this is true and the default calculation is using the failoverLevel hosts' resources. If a user wants to override the percentage values, he has to disable the auto-compute by setting this field to false.

Since vSphere API 6.5

Percentage of CPU resources in the cluster to reserve for failover. You can specify up to 100% of CPU resources for failover.

Number of host failures that should be tolerated, still guaranteeing sufficient resources to restart virtual machines on available hosts. If not set, we assume 1.

Since vSphere API 6.5

Percentage of memory resources in the cluster to reserve for failover. You can specify up to 100% of memory resources for failover.
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