Data Object - ClusterDrsConfigInfo(vim.cluster.DrsConfigInfo)

Property of
ClusterConfigInfo, ClusterConfigInfoEx, ClusterConfigSpec, ClusterConfigSpecEx
See also
DrsBehavior, OptionValue

Data Object Description

The ClusterDrsConfigInfo data object contains configuration information for the VMware DRS service.

All fields are optional. If you set the modify parameter to true when you call ReconfigureComputeResource_Task, an unset property has no effect on the existing property value in the cluster configuration on the Server. If you set the modify parameter to false when you reconfigure a cluster, the cluster configuration is reverted to the default values, then the new configuration values are applied.


Name Type Description

Specifies the cluster-wide default DRS behavior for virtual machines. You can override the default behavior for a virtual machine by using the ClusterDrsVmConfigInfo object.

Flag indicating whether or not the service is enabled.

Flag that dictates whether DRS Behavior overrides for individual virtual machines (ClusterDrsVmConfigInfo) are enabled. The default value is true.

When this flag is true, the ClusterConfigSpecEx.drsVmConfigSpec values override the defaultVmBehavior.

When this flag is false, the defaultVmBehavior value applies to all virtual machines, with the following exception: in a cluster that has EVC disabled, you cannot override the virtual machine setting (drsVmConfigSpec) for Fault Tolerance virtual machines.

Since vSphere API 4.0

Advanced settings.

Threshold for generated ClusterRecommendations. DRS generates only those recommendations that are above the specified vmotionRate. Ratings vary from 1 to 5. This setting applies to manual, partiallyAutomated, and fullyAutomated DRS clusters. See DrsBehavior.
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