Data Object - ClusterDasVmSettings(vim.cluster.DasVmSettings)

Property of
ClusterDasConfigInfo, ClusterDasVmConfigInfo
See also
ClusterVmComponentProtectionSettings, ClusterVmToolsMonitoringSettings
VI API 2.5

Data Object Description

The ClusterDasVmSettings data object contains the HA configuration settings specified for a single virtual machine (identified by ClusterDasVmConfigInfo.key) or as cluster-wide defaults ClusterDasConfigInfo.defaultVmSettings

All fields are optional. If you set the modify parameter to true when you call ReconfigureComputeResource_Task, an unset property has no effect on the existing property value in the cluster configuration on the Server. If you set the modify parameter to false when you reconfigure a cluster, the cluster configuration is reverted to the default values, then the new configuration values are applied.


Name Type Description

Indicates whether or not the virtual machine should be powered off if a host determines that it is isolated from the rest of the compute resource.

If not specified at either the cluster level or the virtual machine level, this will default to powerOff.

See ClusterDasVmSettingsIsolationResponse


Restart priority for a virtual machine.

If not specified at either the cluster level or the virtual machine level, this will default to medium.

See ClusterDasVmSettingsRestartPriority


This setting is used to specify a maximum time the lower priority VMs should wait for the higher priority VMs to be ready. If the higher priority Vms are not ready by this time, then the lower priority VMs are restarted irrespective of the VM ready state. This timeout can be used to prevent the failover of lower priority VMs to be stuck infinitely.

This timeout is not used if ready condition is none

Timeout specified in seconds. To use cluster setting for a VM override, set to -1 in per-VM. setting.

Since vSphere API 6.5

Configuration for the VM Component Protection Service.

Since vSphere API 6.0

Configuration for the VM Health Monitoring Service.

Since vSphere API 4.0
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