Enum - ClusterDasAamNodeStateDasState(vim.cluster.DasAamNodeState.DasState)

vSphere API 4.0

Enum Description

The ClusterDasAamNodeStateDasState enumerated type defines values for host HA configuration and runtime state properties (configState and runtimeState).

Enum Constants

agentShutdown The HA agent has been shut down.
configuring HA configuration is in progress.
error There is an error condition. This can represent a configuration error or a host agent runtime error.
initialized HA agents have been installed but are not running on the the host.
nodeFailed The host is not reachable. This can represent a host failure or an isolated host.
running HA agent is running on this host.
unconfiguring HA configuration is being removed.
uninitialized HA has never been enabled on the the host.

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