Data Object - ClusterDasAamHostInfo(vim.cluster.DasAamHostInfo)

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Data Object Description

Deprecated. As of vSphere API 5.0, this object is no longer returned by vCenter Server. Availability information is now reported using dasHostState.

The ClusterDasAamHostInfo object contains a list of the ESX hosts in an HA cluster and a list that identifies the primary hosts. (AAM is a component of the HA service.) The primary hosts share the joint responsibility of maintaining all cluster state and one will initiate failover actions should a failure occur.

When you add an ESX host to a vSphere HA cluster, the host downloads HA agent components from the vCenter Server. The HA agent maintains communication with the vCenter Server.

When the host downloads the HA agent, the host configures the agent to communicate with other agents in the cluster. A host that joins the cluster communicates with an existing primary host to complete its configuration (except when you are adding the first host to the cluster).

One of the primary hosts assumes the role of the active primary host. The active primary host responsibilities include the following activities:

If the active primary host fails, another primary host replaces it.


Name Type Description

The state of HA on the hosts.

The list of primary hosts.
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