Managed Object - StoragePod(vim.StoragePod)

Property of
PlacementSpec, StorageDrsPodSelectionSpec, VmPodConfigForPlacement
Parameter to
ApplyStorageDrsRecommendationToPod_Task, ConfigureStorageDrsForPod_Task, RefreshStorageDrsRecommendation, RefreshStorageDrsRecommendationsForPod_Task, ValidateStoragePodConfig
Returned by
See also
PodStorageDrsEntry, StoragePodSummary
vSphere API 5.0

Managed Object Description

The StoragePod data object aggregates the storage resources of associated Datastore objects into a single storage resource for use by virtual machines. The storage services such as Storage DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduling), enhance the utility of the storage pod.

Use the Folder.CreateStoragePod method to create an instance of this object.


Name Type Description
podStorageDrsEntry* PPodStorageDrsEntry

Storage DRS related attributes of the Storage Pod.
summary* PStoragePodSummary

Storage pod summary.
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AddStandaloneHost_Task, BatchAddHostsToCluster_Task, BatchAddStandaloneHosts_Task, CreateCluster, CreateClusterEx, CreateDatacenter, CreateDVS_Task, CreateFolder, CreateStoragePod, CreateVM_Task, MoveIntoFolder_Task, RegisterVM_Task, UnregisterAndDestroy_Task
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