Managed Object - LocalizationManager(vim.LocalizationManager)

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vSphere API 4.0

Managed Object Description

LocalizationManager provides access to descriptions of the message catalogs that are available for client-side message localization.

Clients of the VIM API may use SessionManager.SetLocale to cause the server to emit localized messages, or may perform client-side localization based on message catalogs provided by the LocalizationManager.

A message catalog is a file that contains a set of key-value pairs.

The server will localize fields tagged with 'localizable' based on the value of the UserSession.locale and messageLocale properties which are set via SessionManager.SetLocale.

The following list shows some of the ways that vSphere uses localized messages.


Name Type Description
catalog* PLocalizationManagerMessageCatalog[]

Fetches the descriptions of all the client-side localization message catalogs available for the current session locale.
*May not be presentP Required privilege: System.View


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