Enum - EntityImportType(vim.dvs.EntityBackup.ImportType)

vSphere API 5.1

Enum Description

The EntityImportType enum defines the import type for a DistributedVirtualSwitchManager.DVSManagerImportEntity_Task operation.

Enum Constants

applyToEntitySpecified Apply the configuration specified in the EntityBackupConfig.configBlob property to the entity specified in the EntityBackupConfig.entityType and EntityBackupConfig.key properties. If you specify EntityBackupConfig.name, the Server uses the specified name to rename the entity.

The Server ignores any value for the EntityBackupConfig.container property.

createEntityWithNewIdentifier Create the entity with new identifiers. Specify the EntityBackupConfig.name and EntityBackupConfig.container properties.

The Server ignores any value for the EntityBackupConfig.key property.

createEntityWithOriginalIdentifier Recreate the entities with the original identifiers of the entity from which backup was created. The Server throws an exception if an entity with the same identifier already exists. This option will also add the host members to the DistributedVirtualSwitch and will try to get the virtual machine networking back with the same DistributedVirtualPortgroup. Specify a Folder as the EntityBackupConfig.container for EntityBackupConfig.entityType "distributedVirtualSwitch".

The Server ignores any values for the EntityBackupConfig.key and EntityBackupConfig.name properties.

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