Service - NetworkLabel

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HostOrClusterId, NetworkLabelInfo
Horizon View 6.0

Service Description

The service for fetching network labels from VirtualCenter.
Each port group is identified by a network label, which is unique to the current host. Network labels are used to make virtual machine configuration portable across hosts. All port groups in a datacenter that are physically connected to the same network (in the sense that each can receive broadcasts from the others) are given the same label. Conversely, if two port groups cannot receive broadcasts from each other, they have distinct labels.
Each network interface card on a virtual machine can be assigned a network label to specify its port group. Network labels may serve as shorthand for settings like VLAN tag and DHCP IP address range information.


Methods defined in this Service


Returns all network labels on the given host or cluster that may be suitable for configuration with a desktop's network interface card. This includes both standard and distributed virtual switch network label types.


Privilege Description
GLOBAL_CONFIG_VIEW privilege is required to get the NetworkLabelInfos.


_thisManagedObjectReference A reference to the NetworkLabel used to make the method call.

The cluster id

Return Value

Type Description
NetworkLabelInfo[]An array of NetworkLabelInfos


Type Description
EntityNotFoundThrown if any specified entity cannot be found.
InsufficientPermissionThrown if the user does not have sufficient permission to perform the operation.
InvalidArgumentThrown if any specified argument is invalid.
InvalidTypeThrown if the type of any specified argument is invalid.
UnexpectedFaultThrown if an unexpected error occurs while performing the operation.

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