Enum - VirtualMachineToolsInstallType(vim.vm.GuestInfo.ToolsInstallType)

vSphere API 6.5

Enum Description

The installation type of tools in the VM.

Enum Constants

guestToolsTypeMSI MSI is the installation type used for VMware Tools on Windows.
guestToolsTypeOpenVMTools open-vm-tools are the open-source version of VMware Tools, may have been packaged by the OS vendor.
guestToolsTypeOSP OSPs are RPM or Debian packages tailored for the OS in the VM. See http://packages.vmware.com
guestToolsTypeTar Tools have been installed by the tar installer.
guestToolsTypeUnknown Installation type is not known. Most likely tools have been installed by OSPs or open-vm-tools, but a version that does not report its install type or an install type that we do not recognize.

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