PowerCLI Configuration Files

The copies of the PowerCLI_settings.xml file on your system contain User and AllUsers settings for PowerCLI.

Configuring PowerCLI by running Set-PowerCLIConfiguration creates a copy of PowerCLI_settings.xml on your system. The location of the PowerCLI_settings.xml file depends on the value of the Scope parameter.

Note: You must have administrator privileges to change the settings for AllUsers.
Table 1. Location of PowerCLI_settings.xml
Windows OS Version Scope Location Description
Windows 7 and later User %APPDATA%\Roaming\VMWare\PowerCLI Contains settings for the current Windows user only.
AllUsers %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ProgramData\VMware\PowerCLI Contains settings for all users.

Users with advanced knowledge and understanding of PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI can manually modify the contents of PowerCLI_settings.xml to change PowerCLI settings. Modifying PowerCLI_settings.xml might require administrator privileges.

Note: If you modify the contents of PowerCLI_settings.xml manually while PowerCLI is running, you must restart PowerCLI for the changes to take effect.