PowerCLI About Articles

You can learn more about some PowerCLI concepts and features from the built-in help articles named about articles. You can access them through a running PowerCLI process.

Running Help About_* lists all built-in PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI about articles.

Table 1. Accessing Built-In Help Articles for PowerCLI
Article Title Command Article Description
Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) Help About_CEIP Provides information about VMware's Customer Experience Improvement Program ("CEIP").
Handling Invalid Certificates Help About_Invalid_Certificates When you connect to a server, VMware PowerCLI checks if the server certificate is valid. If the certificate is not trusted for this server, by default, VMware PowerCLI fails to connect to the server.
Object-by-Name (OBN) Help About_OBN To help you save time and effort, PowerCLI lets you select objects by their names.
VMware PowerCLI Objects Help About_PowerCLI_Objects For their input and output, the PowerCLI cmdlets use a set of .NET types that reside in the VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Types namespace.
Using the RunAsync Parameter Help About_RunAsync When you set the RunAsync parameter, you indicate that you want to run the cmdlet asynchronously.
Authenticating with a vCenter Server System or a VMware Cloud Director Server Help About_Server_Authentication To authenticate with vCenter Server and VMware Cloud Director servers, you can provide a user name and password through the User and Password parameters, or a PSCredential object through the Credential parameter.
Unique Identifiers for PowerCLI Objects (UID) Help About_UID You can uniquely identify a PowerCLI object on a server or across multiple servers by providing its UID.
Datastore Provider (VimDatastore) Help About_VimDatastore The Datastore Provider (VimDatastore) provides a filesystem-style view and access to the contents of datastores.
LicenseDataManager Help About_LicenseDataManager The LicenseDataManager component lets you extend the vCenter Server inventory with license data.