Data Object - ADDomainHealthConnectionServerConnectionData

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Horizon View 6.0

Data Object Description

The domain connection health for a connection server.

Data Object Properties


Name Type Description

The ID of the connection server.

The name of the connection server.

The status of the connection to the domain.
  • This property will be one of:
    Value Description
    "OK"Domain is accepting LDAP bind operations and has full functionality.
    "WARN"Domain is only accepting LDAP ping operations and has limited functionality. This may indicate a one-way trust relationship with this domain.
    "ERROR"Domain can not be contacted.
    "UNKNOWN"Domain health could not be determined.

The trust relationship for the domain.
  • This property will be one of:
    Value Description
    "PRIMARYDOMAIN"The domain is the domain that the broker is present in.
    "FROMBROKER"The domain is trusted by the domain that the broker is in.
    "TOBROKER"The domain trusts the brokers domain (this is for completeness and generally will not be used).
    "TWOWAY"The domain has a two way trust relationship with the broker's domain.
    "TWOWAY_FOREST"The domain is in the same forest as the broker domain, implies two way trust.
    "MANUAL"The domain was manually configured (the trust has not been detected).
    "UNKNOWN"The trust relationship could not be determined

Whether the domain can be contacted.
  • This property will be one of:
    Value Description
    "UNCONTACTABLE"No domain controllers appear to be present on the network for this domain.
    "FULLYACCESSIBLE"The domain controller(s) are accepting bind operations.
    "CANNOTBIND"The domain controller(s) are only accepting LDAP ping operations.
    "UNKNOWN"Cannot determine accessibility.