Data Object - VsanVdsMigrationPlan(vim.vsan.VsanVdsMigrationPlan)

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DVSCreateSpec, VirtualMachine, VsanVdsPgMigrationSpec
vSAN API 6.6

Data Object Description

Migration plan from VSS to VDS. Captures all aspects of the migration, i.e., the overall VDS specs, all portgroup specs and translations, as well as which consumers (pnics, vmknic and VM vNICs) are going to be migrated to their equivalent VDS portgroups. All migration plans always keep all settings for all consumers intact as part of the migration. If any issues occurred and how they were resolved is tracked within the plan.


Name Type Description
to a VirtualMachine[]

A list of inaccessible or orphaned VMs which are blocking the migration.
to a VirtualMachine[]

This is includes any infra VM which was explicitly provided by the user as well as possibly an auto-detected vCenter. vCenter is auto-detected by comparing the IP of vCenter to the IP of VMs on the VSS, and if a match is found the VM is added to the list. Note that dependent VMs like an external VC DB, a DHCP or DNS server, or similar infrastructure VMs will not be auto-detected.

Migration specs for all portgroups. All policies are preserved for the consumers of these portgroups.

VDS creation spec. Contains information about host members, and their pNICs.
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