Fault - VsanNodeNotMaster(vim.fault.VsanNodeNotMaster)

Thrown by
VsanPerfDeleteStatsObject, VsanPerfDeleteTimeRange, VsanPerfDiagnose, VsanPerfQueryPerf, VsanPerfQueryTimeRanges, VsanPerfSaveTimeRanges, VsanPerfToggleVerboseMode
vSphere API 5.5

Fault Description

Fault means that the operation attempted is only possible on a vSAN performance collection master node, and that this node was not in that state at the point of the API call. Information about the identity of the master is provided for convenience.


Name Type Description

If true, it means this node is CMMDS master, but is currently not Stats master. This could be because it is in the process of becoming stats master, or because it failed to become stats master, e.g. due to the object being inaccessible.

The vSAN Node UUID of the Master. May be itself, in which case this means that the node is CMMDS master, but can't act in the master role for the operation in question. See other fields for possible reasons.
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