Data Object - VsanSpaceUsage(vim.cluster.VsanSpaceUsage)

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VsanObjectSpaceSummary, VsanSpaceUsageDetailResult
vSphere API 5.5

Data Object Description

Describes the vSAN space usage. There are multiple ways to present the space usage. One way is presenting the overall vSAN cluster system space usage like total used space in which how much data is physically written into disk and how much is the over-reserved space size. A second is listing the space usage breakdown per vSAN object type defined in VsanObjectTypeEnum.


Name Type Description

The free vSAN capacity in byte. It's the total of free vSAN physical space which can be used for writing data including any of user data, metadata and the overhead data.

The vSAN space usage detail by breakdown the usage into different vSAN object type.

The vSAN space usage overview including the vSAN physically written capacity, the reserved and over-reserved capacity and the total used capacity. It shares the same data structure as the per vSAN object type space usage summary VsanObjectSpaceSummary without setting the object type.

The total vSAN capacity in byte, which is the total used and free capacity combined. It's the total of physical space which can be use for writing data including any of user data, metadata and the overhead data.
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