Data Object - VsanDiskFormatConversionSpec(vim.cluster.VsanDiskFormatConversionSpec)

Parameter to
PerformVsanUpgradeEx, PerformVsanUpgradePreflightAsyncCheck_Task, PerformVsanUpgradePreflightCheckEx
See also
VsanDataEfficiencyConfig, VsanDataEncryptionConfig
vSphere API 6.0

Data Object Description

Advanced vSAN disk format specification that governs which format to use for the disks newly formatted. However, it does NOT change the cluster configuration. Therefore, the advanced feature configurations below should be picked in sync with the cluster configuration, or users can invoke the cluster configuration change, which will automatically run the vSAN disk format conversion with the changed feature configurations.


Name Type Description

Whether to enable or disable vSAN data efficiency from disk format layer.

vSAN encryption configuration parameters for disk format layer.

Since vSAN API 6.6

Do not perform host configuration remediation on hosts as part of the Disk Format Conversion. Remediation is performed by default to ensure hosts are consistent. This will prevent errors as part of Disk Format Conversion due to inconsistent hosts. This field can be set to True when it is already known that all hosts are already consistent and have the latest configuration avoiding this extra step. Unset means False.

Since vSAN API 6.6
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