You can view the owner of a VApp, VAppTemplate, Disk, or Media object by making a GET request to the object's owner link. If you have adequate rights, you can change the owner of a Disk or VApp object, but not that of a VAppTemplate or Media object. An administrator can view or change the owner of any object.

The initial owner of a VApp, VAppTemplate, Catalog, Disk, or Media object is the user who created it. Ownership is expressed in an Owner element that the object representation contains. This element includes a User element that references the owner. Object-specific rights to change ownership are included in several predefined roles. See Predefined Roles and Their Rights.

To change the owner of a Disk, VApp, or Catalog object, you must be an organization administrator or the system administrator.


Retrieve the Owner element from the object.

This element includes a reference to the current owner and an edit URL you can use to change the owner. This request retrieves the owner of a vApp.


Modify the Owner element to specify a different User.

The user must be a member of the organization that contains the object.


You cannot modify the Owner of a Media or VAppTemplate object.


To change the owner, make a PUT request to the Owner element's rel="edit" URL and supply an Owner element in the request body.

The User element in the Owner element references the new owner. See Example: Change the Owner of a vApp.


Content-type: application/vnd.vmware.vcloud.owner+xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      href="" />


204 No Content