Catalog items are references to vApp templates and media files. If you have the appropriate rights, you can copy, move, rename, or delete catalog items in your organization's catalogs. You cannot modify catalog items in catalogs that have an external subscription.

After you add vApp templates or media files to a catalog, you might need to modify the CatalogItem objects that represent them. Your rights to manipulate catalog items depend on the source from which the catalog items were created.

If you are a catalog author or an administrator, you can copy, move, delete, or rename catalog items that were uploaded, imported, or captured to a catalog that your organization owns, whether or not the catalog is published externally. Changes you make to an externally published catalog are replicated to all of the catalog's subscribers when those subscribers synchronize their copy of the catalog.

You cannot make changes to catalog items in catalogs that have an external subscription.

Changes to a catalog item increment the version number of the item and its containing catalog. See Version Numbers.

In addition to providing storage for locally created vApp templates and media files, catalogs provide a flexible publication mechanism that supports distribution of content to other organizations and clouds. If your organization allows it, you can publish a catalog to external consumers. You can also subscribe to catalogs that external sources publish, although catalog items in such catalogs cannot be managed by subscribers. See Catalog Administration.