To download the OVF descriptor, make a GET request to the download:default or download:identity URL in the download-enabled VApp or VAppTemplate element.

You can download an OVF descriptor with or without identity information such as lease settings and network connection details. Identity information is typically not portable to another deployment environment.

This operation requires the rights included in the predefined vApp Author role or an equivalent set of rights.

Verify that you have a vApp or vApp template that is enabled for download. See Enable a vApp or vApp Template for Download.


Retrieve the XML representation of the VApp or VAppTemplate object.


Examine the representation to find the download URLs for the OVF descriptor.

The download URLs are contained in Link elements, each with a different value for the rel attribute.



Retrieve a descriptor that does not include identity information

Use the download:default URL

Retrieve a descriptor that includes identity information.

Use the download:identity URL


Make a GET request to the URL that retrieves the descriptor you want.

See Example: Downloading the OVF Descriptor.

This example downloads the OVF descriptor from the download:default URL shown in the href value of the Link shown in Example: vApp Template with Download URLs for OVF Descriptor. The response includes the entire Envelope element, only part of which appears here.




200 OK
Content-Type text/xml
   ... >