Enum - VirtualMachinePowerState(vim.VirtualMachine.PowerState)

Property of
InvalidPowerState, VirtualMachineRuntimeInfo, VirtualMachineSnapshotTree
Parameter to
CheckMigrate_Task, MigrateVM_Task, ValidateMigration

Enum Description

The PowerState type defines a simple set of states for a virtual machine: poweredOn, poweredOff, and suspended. This type does not model substates, such as when a task is running to change the virtual machine state. If the virtual machine is in a state with a task in progress, it transitions to a new state when the task completes. For example, a virtual machine continues to be in the poweredOn state while a suspend task is running, and changes to the suspended state once the task finishes.

As a consequence of this approach, clients interested in monitoring the status of a virtual machine should typically track the RecentTask data object in addition to the powerState object.

Enum Constants


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