To make the library content available for other vCenter Server instances across the vCloud Suite environment, you must publish the library. Depending on your workflow, select a method for publishing the local library. You can publish a local library that already exists in your vCloud Suite environment.


Retrieve a reference to the LocalLibrary service.


Retrieve an existing local library by using the library ID.


Create a PublishInfo instance to define how the library is published.


Specify the authentication method to be used by a subscribed library to authenticate to the local library. You can enable either basic authentication or no authentication. Basic authentication requires a user name and password.


(Optional) If you publish the library with basic authentication, you must specify a user name and password for the PublishInfo instance, which must be used for authentication.


Use the predefined user name vcsp or leave the user name undefined. You must set only a password to protect the library.


Specify that the library is published.


Use the retrieved local library to configure it with the PublishInfo instance.


Update the properties of the LibraryModel object returned for the local library.