Data Object - FileTransferInformation(vim.vm.guest.FileManager.FileTransferInformation)

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vSphere API 5.0

Data Object Description

Represents the information about a InitiateFileTransferFromGuest operation of GuestFileManager object.

The user can use the URL provided in url property to transfer the file from the guest. The user should send a HTTP GET request to the URL. Entire file content will be returned in the body of the response message.


Name Type Description

File attributes of the file that is being transferred from the guest.

Total size of the file in bytes.

Specifies the URL to which the user has to send HTTP GET request. Multiple GET requests cannot be sent to the URL simulatenously. URL will become invalid once a successful GET request is sent.

The host part of the URL is returned as '*' if the hostname to be used is the name of the server to which the call was made. For example, if the call is made to, and the file is available for download from, the URL returned may be http://*/guestFile?id=1&token=1234. The client replaces the asterisk with the server name on which it invoked the call.

The URL is valid only for 10 minutes from the time it is generated. Also, the URL becomes invalid whenever the virtual machine is powered off, suspended or unregistered.
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