Data Object - VirtualPointingDeviceDeviceBackingInfo(vim.vm.device.VirtualPointingDevice.DeviceBackingInfo)


Data Object Description

The VirtualPointingDevice.DeviceBackingInfo provides information about the physical mouse backing the VirtualPointingDevice data object type.


Name Type Description

This optional property defines the mouse type (two-button, three-button, and so on). The mouse type determines how the user interacts with the host mouse. The valid values are specified in the VirtualPointingDeviceHostChoice list.

Note: The value specified by this property must be one of the supported types listed in the hostPointingDevices.value array in the VirtualPointingDeviceOption data object type. If this property is not set, then the property defaults to the hostPointingDevices.defaultIndex property in the same data object type.

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deviceName, useAutoDetect
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