Data Object - VirtualPCNet32Option(vim.vm.device.VirtualPCNet32Option)


Data Object Description

The VirtualPCNet32Option data object type defines the options for the VirtualPCNet32 data object type. Except for the boolean supportsMorphing option, the options are inherited from the VirtualEthernetCardOption data object type.


Name Type Description

Indicates that this Ethernet card supports morphing into vmxnet when appropriate. This means that, if supportsMorphing="true", the virtual AMD Lance PCNet32 Ethernet card becomes a vmxnet Ethernet card with its added performance capabilities when appropriate.
Properties inherited from VirtualEthernetCardOption
macType, supportedOUI, uptCompatibilityEnabled, vmDirectPathGen2Supported, wakeOnLanEnabled
Properties inherited from VirtualDeviceOption
autoAssignController, backingOption, busSlotOption, connectOption, controllerType, defaultBackingOptionIndex, deprecated, hotRemoveSupported, licensingLimit, plugAndPlay, type
Properties inherited from DynamicData

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