Data Object - NetDnsConfigSpec(

vSphere API 4.1

Data Object Description

Domain Name Server (DNS) Configuration Specification - a data object for configuring the RFC 1034 client side DNS settings. TBD: remove this section, only for discussing what goes into this object. Place properties here that are specific to the RFC/common to all systems. Properties that are platform specific should go into a separate config spec.


Name Type Description

The flag to indicate whether or not dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) will be used to set DNS configuration automatically. See

The domain name portion of the DNS name. This would be the "" part of The rules for forming a domain name are defined in RFC 1034.

The host name portion of DNS name. For example, "esx01" part of The rules for forming a hostname are specified in RFC 1034.

Unicast IP address(s) of one or more DNS servers in order of use. IPv4 addresses are specified using dotted decimal notation. For example, "". IPv6 addresses are 128-bit addresses represented as eight fields of up to four hexadecimal digits. A colon separates each field (:). For example, 2001:DB8:101::230:6eff:fe04:d9ff. The address can also consist of the symbol '::' to represent multiple 16-bit groups of contiguous 0's only once in an address as described in RFC 2373.

The domain in which to search for hosts in order of preference.
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